Tiffany Fritz

My name is Tiffany Fritz.

I am a developer, designer, and artist from Salt Lake City.

I am always curious and love to learn new things.

I get things done with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, Photoshop, and Illustrator.

My first love was art. I draw inspiration from the natural world, dreams, and the subconscious. These sources of inspiration represent different realms that are both seperate, yet intertwining places that influence our everyday being. The environments in which we all create and take up space have always fascinated me - the internet being another one of those places. Through the path of digital art, I was led toward web development. My interest in the internet space made me not only want to consume it, but to be able to create it as well - not just the pleasing visuals, but also the functionality and interactivity.

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Wedding Invitations

Tiffany and Michael wedding invitation

Designed and produced custom wedding invitations using a variety of digital and physical mediums.

Wedding Programs

Tiffany and Michael wedding programs

Designed and produced custom wedding programs using a variety of digital and physical mediums.

Baby Shower Invites

baby shower invitation

Designed and produced baby shower invitations with a "April Showers" theme.




Mandala originally drawn with ink and then recreated digitally in Illustrator.

Cactus Head


Reimagining of Michael in the desert. Posca paint pens on cardstock.



Product art and design for [Salve]ation hand salves.